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Too few people get to make a living doing what they love. I am one of those few lucky ones…

I have had the incredible opportunity to produce visual media in many parts of the world with some talented and passionate people. I have worked with small and large teams of creative people, organized projects across languages cultures and continents, facilitated projects comprised of both photography and videography, and walked with clients from project conception to completion. Often I have worn multiple hats during the production process, varying from picking up the food order to organizing and laying out the project along with the client and creative team.

My expertise is walking the project from inception to delivery which often times makes me the chief problem solver on the project.

My documentary work started in the jungles of Venezuela, interviewing tribal elders in the heat and humidity of the Amazon. Shooting from small planes and dug-out canoes is always an interesting challenge, while working in multiple languages keeps me on my toes. I have traveled to the headwaters of the Amazon river and to the high mountains dividing China and Afghanistan. I have shared food with nomadic Kyrgyz shepherds, bedouin camel herders, jungle hunters and urban explorers. Sometimes the story is the plight of a forgotten people; sometimes it is the story of human dignity prevailing through incredible odds. The stories embolden, sadden, inspire, or enrage.

One area I have enjoyed exploring and capturing is dance. I have had the incredible privilege of working with dancers in a handful of countries: from the shores of Lake Michigan to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. I enjoy working in studio, where I control the temperature, mood music, and every nuance of light. Control however, is a luxury I don’t always get. Working with a dancer in a natural environment brings a whole new set of challenges and requires a refined set of skills and added patience. The human body in motion is not only a beautiful thing but is also a great challenge to capture well. Regardless of where I find myself my goal is always to to create works of art with light and motion.

Portraiture can be an intimate and personal thing because I get to see just a bit inside a person. I have worked in both commercial and private portraiture and have extensive experience with creative headshots. Commercial work can be incredibly varied in the technical and creative needs of the client. I have worked with clients around the world to give them the results that they were looking for, whether that is in the studio or on location.

If you have a project that requires excellence, attention to detail, and a creative eye… please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.


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