My passion is to go where few go, to see what few people take the time to see, and to tell the stories of those from whom the world needs to hear.


My Mission

I am a creative at heart. I am also a visual storyteller. I come alive when I come alongside amazing people with unique stories and get the chance to not only become a small part of their story but also to help them creatively bring that story to the global stage. Sometimes the story is an amazing product that will change lives, or will bring higher quality of life. Sometimes the story is the plight of a forgotten people. Sometimes it is the story of human dignity prevailing through incredible odds.  The stories sometimes embolden, sometimes sadden, sometimes inspire, sometimes enrage.

My mission is to help you bring your story to the world. 

big sister in the jungle

"A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective." -Irving Penn

Where I have Worked

  • Brazil. I actually grew up in Brazil, learning photography on my dad's old Pentex, 35mm film camera. And so began my life with a camera.

  • Venezuela. I cut my teeth on documentary film in the Amazon jungle. Traveling by small planes, buses, dugout canoes, and 4x4's I worked in the jungles with tribal elders to tell the story of their people.

  • India. Walking through the slums of Bangalore you gain a perspective of two things in India... the God-given dignity of human life, and the incredible odds against which many people in this world fight every day. My mission on this trip was to tell the stories of the Dalit people.

  • Tunisia. I am currently living in Tunisia with my family. It is a great base to work out of as it makes the entire Mediterranean region, Europe, Africa and central Asia an easy flight for me. I have worked in the Sahara, in a mountain oasis near the Algerian boarder, along the Mediterranean Sea, and most places in between.

  • Ethiopia. Working a few dozen kilometers from the Somali border, we documented issues of water rights, education, clan ties, and famine.

  • Peru. A dugout on the swollen river at the headwaters of the Amazon river... This is truly the end of the earth! I worked alongside a small local NGO whose mission was to bring clean drinking water to the tribal people living along this silty river.

  • Tajikistan. My first job at high altitude, this was a whole new experience. We worked among the semi-nomadic yak herders of the Kyrgyz people. We encountered a beautiful but extremely rugged terrain and met some equally rugged and unique people.

  • USA. I have spent less than half my life in my passport country, but I have seen more of the US than most Americans. It is a beautiful place with people from literally all over the world. I have worked from coast to coast and border to border.